Tips to Transition to the new CTI Navigator website

Following are some quick tips to help you transition from Navigator Web (silverlight version) to the new Navigator (Html version).


The new system embodies the same functionality as the original CTI Navigator Web. However, due to its responsive design, items will shift to different locations depending on the size of your screen. When on a computer, the new system maintains a similar look and feel as the original Navigator Web. But, in order to accommodate small screens such as on Smartphones, some items (such as email or print MLS reports) were moved to a menu item called Options. So, if you do not see the button you are looking for, check for it under Options.

When on a narrow screen mobile device, menus are collapsed to two buttons . The first is the main menu for the entire system. The second is for items specific to the current function you are in.

Search listings

To see the number of matches for your search criteria, click "Match Count" in the search toolbar.

When adding shapes to search on the map: select the shape tool; click and let up (or tap with a finger); then move your mouse (button up) or move your finger (on touchscreen) to define your area. Using the original Navigator Web you would click and begin to drag without letting the mouse button up.

To view the photos for a listing, select Photos in the Detail view. This will display a photo gallery. Click on an individual photo in the gallery to open it in a "Photo Viewer". You can click on the photo in this viewer to display left and right navigation buttons that allow you to move from photo to photo. To close the Photo Viewer and return to the Photo Gallery, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the viewer frame.

To select more than one item in a list on Windows hold down your control (ctrl) key and select the items. On the Mac use the command key.

Email a listing

In the original Navigator Web, when you email a listing, your client receives your message with a link they can click on to view the properties. When they click on the link, a scroll-able web page with the listings is displayed. In the new system, when the client clicks on the link, a "Property Viewer" is displayed. The viewer has Previous/Next buttons to cycle through the properties, similar to the details view in listing search. Also, when you send the email, you can set options for the viewer to include documents, map, etc. You can also attach a file to your email.


Instead of a web page that pops up when you log in, Announcements are now itemized on the Home Page under "News". Click on any news item to display its detail in a News Viewer screen. You can scroll through all news items on the viewer screen.

Add Listing

Add a Photo - To resize a photo, you can use your mouse wheel, or on a touchscreen use your fingers to pinch in/out, to zoom the size of your photo image. Then adjust the crop-box over the desired image area and click save. The new system is sensitive to photo orientation, and you can rotate the photo as needed.

Map - The system will automatically try to add a location pin on the map based on the street address. However, if it can't locate the address, you can position the map to the property location. Click the "Set Location" button, and then click on the map position where you wish to place the pin. You can then drag the pin as need for fine adjustment.


Instructional Tutorials are available by clicking on Help in the main menu.